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Welcome to the Thoughtful Pup - Eco Friendly & Zero Waste Puppy and Dog Products

Thank you for visiting The Thoughtful Pup!

We are a company who are passionate about providing a range of eco-friendly dog products which come from sustainable sources.

When we brought out dog home as a puppy, we quickly found out that many products out there for puppies and adult dogs are not environmentally friendly. Many come with packaging that can't be recycled for example, and the majority of none food based items cannot be recycled.

Therefore, we decided to set up our own shop to try to source a range of products which fitted with our own eco-friendly beliefs.

Key to this was finding products which removed plastics - i.e. products which contained no nasty packaging which couldn't be recycled.

So we went to a range of suppliers to source a range of eco friendly, zero waste dog foods, treats, leads, toys and accessories which were from sustainable sources.

Our Range Of High Quality Eco-Friendly Dog Products Includes:

- The Dog Soap Company

With over 70 eco-friendly dog products we're always looking to expand our range and add new products to our shop, and want to be the UKs #1 provider of environmentally friendly dog products online.

But only by educating people on the way that they feed and look after their puppy or dog can they understand how changing the products they purchase can help the environment, and we want to play a role in helping that change.

So why not visit our shop to find a great range of products which not only environment, but are also great for your dog? And you can also check our our "Us and the Environment" page to learn more about why we set up The Thoughtful Pup and what we're hoping to achieve.

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