Goodchap's Lil' Scamp Fish Bites Dog Treats

Goodchap's Lil' Scamp Fish Bites Dog Treats


These sustainably sourced fish bites are completely natural, low in fat and a great source of protein and omega 3. They also have a rough texture, which is great for keeping teeth clean and healthy!

Not only are they good for your pooch, for every pack that's sold, Goodchap's donate some to a dog in a rescue centre.


Goodchaps treats are even good for the environment, with their plastic free packaging being compostable, biodegradable and recycleable.


Pack size: 20g

  • Ingredients

    100% White fish

    Nutritional Analysis (per 100g): Energy (kcal/100g): 383, Energy (kj/100g): 1622

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