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Natural Olivewood Dog Chews

Natural Olivewood Dog Chews


Green & Wild's Olivewood chews are made from annually harvested wood from managed Olive trees, and are 100% sustainable, Olivewood is a close grained wood that is harder than most native woods. They are simply graded, dried and sanded, and then lightly infused with virgin olive oil, to produce a healthy, safe and satisfying chew for any dog.


When chewed the wood doesn't splinter, but instead crumbles into small pieces.


As with any chew we recommend you supervise your dog while they are gnawing. If your dog can fit the entire chew in their mouth, then it is too small and should be removed. Be careful giving hard chews (such as antlers) to aggressive chewers as it is possible they could break a tooth. Do not allow your dog to attempt to break the chew in half with their back teeth. Do not allow your dog to consume more than 1/2" to 1" per day.


Suitable For All Sizes - Including Puppies over 12 weeks



Olive wood, olive oil

  • Analytical Constituents

    Fibre 79.95, Ash 0.6, Fat 0.27, Protein2.07, Phosphorus 0.01

    trace elements of Sodium, Magnesium, Potassium, Iron and Calcium

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