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Vegan Sea Salt Pet Bed Refresher - 300ml
  • Vegan Sea Salt Pet Bed Refresher - 300ml


    There's no way around it, sometimes mans' best friend doesn't always smell super fresh, especially after a particularly energectic walk in a damp park, and neither does their bed. UK based Norfolk Naturals have come up with a solution, a few sprays of their odour-fighting Sea Salt Pet Bed Refresher in the air, on your soft-furnishing and your dogs' bed, will leave it smelling clean and fresh. The spray contains soothing Witch Hazel, which not only actively tackles odour-causing bacteria, but can also soothe your dogs itchy or dry skin. 


    This product is not intened to be consumed, please do not spray on anything your dog may eat/chew. As this spray contains water we recommend it is not used on dyed suede, suede and delicate leathers - as it may cause water marks. If you are worried please test on an inconspicous area first.


    Norfolk Naturals dog grooming products are hand-made in their Norfolk workshop, and their Pet Bed Refresher is Vegan and hypoallergenic. The bottles used are PET plastic, making them easy to recycle or re-use. 

    • Ingredients

      Distilled Water, Witch Hazel, Parfum

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