The Big Dog Gift Box

The Big Dog Gift Box


This big gift box by Goodchap's is packed with plastic free treats and toys, making it perfect for your dogs special day.


Pack size: 270 x 110 x 105mm




1 x pack of training treats 200g

1 x pack of Mr Fisher's Fish Skins value pack 70g
1 x 2 knot pulley toy made from 100% unbleached three strand cotton. Measures 35cm.

1 x eco ball toy, a more eco-friendly alternative to tennis balls!  Made from 100% unbleached three strand cotton. Measures 27cm.


These products are play toys only and not a food product. Pets should always be supervised when playing with toys. Limit chewing time to 15 minutes. Contact your vet if your dog eats any of the toy. Remove if it becomes damaged. No toy is indestructible.

  • Ingredients

    Training Treats: 80% gently steam cooked and freshly prepared fish (43% Salmon, 23% Trout, 12% White Fish, 2% Salmon Stock), Potato, Sweet Potato

    Nutritional information: Per 100g: Energy kCal/100g 358

    Mr Fishers Fish Skins: 100% Fishskins

    Nutritional information: Energy (kcal/100g): 374. Energy (kj/100g): 1586

  • Feeding and storage guidelines

    Mr Fisher’s and Training Treats may contain bones. Pet food only. Store in dry, ambient conditions. Feed as a treat or reward. Complementary dog food. Because these are natural product, size may vary slightly.