Vegan Grapefruit & Orange Dry Shampoo

Vegan Grapefruit & Orange Dry Shampoo


Our latest addition to our dry shampoo range comes in this grapefruit and orange scent. This dry shampoo is the perfect answer to how to freshen up your dog’s coat in between washes, as it soaks up all the unwanted smells and grease. Ideal for those dogs which find it difficult to get in and out of the bath, or those who simply hate being washed.


The dry shampoo is enriched with natural clay's and scents of lavender & rosemary, which are an ideal way to freshen and neutralise your pet. It's also perfect to use on your dogs bedding, on furniture or even in the car. Simply sprinkle on the powder, leave for a few minutes the vacuum up.


This simple vegan dry shampoo is made by Dog & Coast (formaly known as The Dog Soap Company), a small family run business in Devon.Their mission is to make products that are kind and gentle to your dog with no harsh chemicals, that are also Eco friendly. All their products are made with natural biodegradable ingredients and free from Palm Oil, SLS, SLES, parabens, silicones, sulphates, preservatives, or artificial fragrances or colours, and all their packaging is biodegradable or recyclable. They also source all their ingredients and packaging materials from UK suppliers and when possible local suppliers


Packaged in fully biodegradable pouch bags.


Weight is 100g