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Us and the environment

Trying to be as green (or brown) as possible

Our whole aim when setting up our company was to try and reduce the impact pet ownership has on our environment. When we were looking at products to put on the website, we had a list of criteria, with the understanding that it had to match at least one of them in order to make the cut;

  • It is easily recyclable.

  • It is made from natural fibres or by-product, such as jute, suede or natural rubber

  • It is made from recycled materials, such as the lupine eco leads which are made from recycled plastic water bottles.

  • Food items are as sustainable as possible, and use packaging with the minimal amount of plastic. We understand that sometimes it is necessary for companies to use a thin layer of plastic on their paper food bags, in order to prevent moisture getting to the food.


We felt duty bound to hold ourselves to the same high standard we were holding others. All our packaging is as environmentally friendly as possible and recyclable. The paper Sellotape we use can be left on the envelopes when it is recycled. We have been advised that “at present, realistically, it is more likely that paper recyclers will still be using systems to recover this mechanically for energy recovery through incineration as they do with plastic tapes rather than repulping it. Hopefully this situation will improve as paper tapes become the norm and the recycling industry advances in line”. Sometimes our quest to be as green as possible means sacrificing looks, as is the case with the tissue paper and paper we use, which is made from 'low grade' (the greenest) post-consumer waste. These are not dyed or bleached using any chlorine, and the colour is achieved by matching raw waste materials. Consequently, their can be some variation in the colours.

If you have any questions about how to recycle any of our products, or any suggestions for how we could be greener, please get in touch.

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