• Handmade Octopus Dog Bandana made with recycled 100% cotton


    These beautiful bandanas are handmade from recycled 100% cotton, with a printed design. They are made to be slipped onto a collar, making them safer than tie on bandanas, and less likely to fall off. The fabric is medium heavy duty, so can be put up with whatever your pooch does. 


    These are available in three sizes;


    Small - 14cm wide 

    Medium - 19cm wide

    Large - 24cm wide


    If you don't see the size you need, please contact us with your requirements and we can design one specific to your needs.


    The bandanas are patterned on both sides, one side will always have the face and body of the octopus (with the small size it is not possible to fit the whole body on).


    Do not allow your dog to chew or consume any part of the bandana.

    • Washing instructions

      Wash at 30℃ with similar coloured items.

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