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West Paw Zisc Frisbee Dog Toy
  • West Paw Zisc Frisbee Dog Toy


    Made from recycled material, this light but tough frisbee by West Paw is soft and pliable, with curved edges making it easy for both people and dogs to pick up, while the glow in the dark colour allows it to be seen even in the dark.


    Dishwasher proof in the top drawer.



    Small - 16.5cm

    Large - 21.5cm


    This item is made from Zogoflex® by West Paw from recycled materials, creates virtually no waste during the manufacturing process and is made to be recycled when your dogs finished with it. It's also non-toxic and FDA compliant.


    This product is a play toy only and not a food product. Pets should always be supervised when playing with toys. Remove if it becomes damaged. No toy is indestructible.

    • Recycling scheme

      Zogoflex®, which is categorised as No. 7 plastic, simply meaning “miscellaneous.” Some recycling facilities won’t recycle a No. 7 plastic, currently West Paws' recycling scheme is not available outside of USA.

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