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Eco-friendly and sustainable dog products

New eco-friendly dog products

About The Thoughtful Pup - our eco-friendly dog journey

A year ago we brought home our first puppy and immediately our lives (and our house) changed, in fact no socks have been safe since! Like so many we wanted our playful pup to have lots of fun, but with a growing awareness of plastic impacts on our environment we searched for more eco-friendly pet supplies for us and our dog to enjoy. Unfortunately, although products are out there, they are really hard to find, especially compared to the mass produced high street equivalents, which are readily available, yet many of which seem to be made simply to be disposed of. It was soon after this that the idea of The Thoughtful Pup emerged. We decided we wanted to change this and create a space where eco-friendly dog products could easily be found in one place, ensuring they can be enjoyed by all.


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